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FY2001 NSnet Seminar
- Toward making nuclear power in the 21st century safe and trustworthy -
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On September 13, 2001, the 2001 NSnet Seminar was held at the Toshi Center Hotel in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The seminar, titled "Toward making nuclear power in the 21st century safe and trustworthy," attracted approximately 170 participants from among members, related companies, related groups and the general public.
The seminar invited experts and journalists and was held with the objective of serving as a venue for discussions regarding efforts of NSnet to date toward the sharing and improvement of a safety culture in the nuclear power industry and for restoring trust in the industry. It also aimed at debate regarding how to make nuclear power in the 21st century both safe and trusted and at fully utilizing opportunities to put resulting proposals into practice.

Dr. Noboru Makino

The seminar was opened with greetings by Mr. Noboru Makino, the president of NSnet, who spoke on the recent energy situation, such as liberalization of the electric power market and the plutonium-thermal projects, and the like, in addition to recent NSnet activities.

Mr.Yoichi Masuzoe
Director,the Masuzoe Institute of Political Economy

Mr. Makino's lecture was followed by Mr. Yoichi Masuzoe, director of the Masuzoe Institute of Political Economy, whose talk was titled "Prescription for confusion about energy issues." The lecture touched on Japan's energy situation, the recent nuclear energy situation both inside Japan and in other countries, and on proposals regarding the current problems in the nuclear power industry based on these issues.

The following points covered in the talk:
-The continuation of steady efforts to obtain the trust of the people, such as ensuring mutual understanding between the electricity producers and the consumers and carefully explaining to the Japanese people the safety measures taken by nuclear power plants, are absolutely crucial.
-It is important to teach energy issues in detail to children while they are still young.

Panel discussion
- Toward making nuclear power in the 21st century safe and trustworthy -

Following the safety presentation there was a panel discussion based on the theme "Toward making nuclear power in the 21st century safe and trustworthy." Mr. Hiroyuki Torii, an editorial writer of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., presided over the panel discussion.

Panel Discussion

Mr.Hirouki Tori

The following individuals participated as panelists in the panel discussion: The previously mentioned Mr. Yoichi Masuzoe, Dr. Mamoru Akiyama, president of The Institute of Applied Energy, Ms. Wako Tojima, a journalist and a ex-reporter for The Yomiuri Shimbun, and Mr. Toshiaki Enomoto, manager director of The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.
After presentations by Mr. Enomoto, Ms. Tojima and Mr. Akiyama about what should be done and what is demanded to restore trust in nuclear power by gaining a sense of security from safety measures, a lively debate took place regarding the role required of NSnet in the future, among other such issues.

The following represent the main opinions generated in the panel discussion:

-In order to prevent the deterioration of consciousness, it is necessary that we form alliances and exchange information with communities having different cultures and experts from various fields, including air and rail transport, and the like. Additionally, it is necessary to conduct a PR campaign regarding how best to take advantage of failures and how failures were utilized in the past. It is thus vitally important for NSnet to continue determined efforts to prevent any deterioration in this consciousness.
- Carry out communication withregion people of a nuclear power plant and listening to their frank opinions regarding what it is about nuclear power that makes them feel uneasy, and what they feel are problems.
- The NSnet peer review, which is a check conducted by experts, is extremely appropriate. However, when a new nuclear power plant is established, understanding of the residents is indispensable, and thus it is necessary to tie together the peer review process ("experts") and public acceptance ("the citizens").

Mr.Yoichi Masuzoe

Dr.Mamoru Akiyama
Ms.Wako Tojima
Mr.Toshiaki Enomoto
Hiroyuki Torii
Editorial writer
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.
Yoichi Masuzoe
Masuzoe Institute of Political Economy
Mamoru Akiyama
The Institute of Applied Energy
Wako Tojima
Ex-reporter for The Yomiuri Shimbun
Toshiaki Enomoto
Manager Director,
The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.


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