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Safety Culture Division
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Safety Culture

Peer Review activities
Safety Caravan sessions
executive seminars
and manager seminars

Description of the Division's activities
The Safety Culture Division assumes and develops activities of the Nuclear Safety Network (NS net) that was established following the JCO accident in 1999, and supports the enhancement of utilities' safety activities.
Peer Review Activities
Peer reviews that are tailored to the corporate structure are implemented periodically for the members of NS net that supports the nuclear fuel cycle of Japan.
The Division supports the operation of power plants, conducting reviews focused on field observation for utilities in cooperation with INPO, which has an ample review record in the United States, and WANO, which conducts international peer reviews. The strengths and areas for improvement are extracted regarding "what efforts are being made to secure nuclear power safety in daily operation" in light of good operating practices of power plants worldwide.
The members of JANTI conduct various operations that support the nuclear power industry and vary in their efforts towards nuclear power safety depending on the character of the business (whether or not nuclear fuel material is used, the amount used, the possibility of criticality, etc.), business size, and regulations. For non-utility members, the Division tailors reviews according to the attributes and needs of each business, and supports the enhancement of the safety culture of each member.

Nuclear power plant review

Review meeting
Safety culture proliferation and enhancement activities
The following activities are conducted to support the proliferation and enhancement of safety culture among our members:
Safety culture assessment (safety culture surveys and field diagnosis)
  The safety culture promotion activities are supported by conducting periodic safety culture surveys of NS net members and implementing field diagnoses through interviews.
  Lecture-type and experience-type seminars by experts on nuclear power safety are held for manager-level personnel, and in addition, seminars to promote safety culture are held.
Safety Caravan

Visits are made to the business offices of NS net members, and safety lectures are given by experts, and information regarding nuclear power safety is exchanged.

Provision of teaching materials
  Pamphlets are created based on the seminars and safety caravan lectures, and these are distributed to members. In addition, e-learning material is created based on themes related to safety culture and provided to members.

Experience-type seminar

Safty lecture
Information transmission regarding the promotion of a safety culture
The content and record of activities of the Safety Culture Division are introduced through websites for the general public. In addition, details regarding the results of activities and various databases that are useful for promoting safety culture are provided as member services through the transmission of e-mail news and through websites for members.

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